We are a group of like-minded visionaries with completely diverse experiences, brought together by destiny, who believe that the world around us can be run far better. So, one fine day, we decided to get together, roll up our sleeves and get onto the job of making things better… actually, far better… by developing beautiful solutions that’ll make one go,
"Wow, how come nobody thought of this before!"

We Dream...

Yes, we too dream like many others. But we DARE to chase our dreams till the end.

Right now, we have dreamt of changing the way schools in India interact with their sole customers – Parents & Students. We believe that a lot that is possible here remains to be done.


Our solution, CampusInTouch, enables and empowers both of them like never before. The surprise is that it does so within a completely controlled environment. You have to see it in action to appreciate its beauty.

And then we dream that infinite possibilities can open up when we connect people to each other. Especially, when they are concerned with each other. Our next Mobile App seeks to REVOLUTIONISE the way various independent peers connect to each other. But more about that later. Keep watching us…

We Innovate…

Our FIRST and REVOLUTIONARY hosted offering, CampusInTouch (Launching: Indian Academic Year 2015-16), is a highly intuitive, in-depth and intelligent information gathering and interaction platform for schools, parents and students with never-before-imagined features, facilities and fundamentals. It comprises of interwoven entity portals and mobile apps for Parents, Students, Teachers and School Managements. It is also being deeply integrated with established third-party vendors of RFID devices that enable student-tracking, ID-Card integrated cashless payments within the campus and Vehicle Tracking Systems for real-time tracking of School Buses.

The entire solution is designed to revolutionise the way information flows among and interaction happens between the school teachers and individual parents-students. In the process, the School Managements end up with enough UNBIASED and detailed reports to help them to get invaluable insights and apply timely course correction by fine-tuning existing policies and formulating new ones. You can only appreciate its beauty if you see it in action.

We Solve…

We find the web to be an exciting place. So we do undertake Web Designing and Software Development assignments but only for customers who really want to buy quality stuff.

And, by the way, just in case you misunderstand that, NO, we aren’t expensive… just a bit choosy about the work that we do.

Our packaged as well as customized software solutions help you share more information in a better way and enable effective interaction within closed and controlled group environments. Coupled with Dedicated On-site Support options, our solutions take away your unproductive worries and help you focus better on the task at hand.

We Listen!

Of course we do!

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